Monday, December 5, 2011

i'm the one that's acting like i'm so strong, you're the one that's acting like nothing's wrong.

DAY FIVE - 2011: The Movie

If a film were made about ONE thing that happened to you in 2011, what would the film be called? Describe the plot/story.

So I've been staring at this prompt for 20 minutes or so trying to decide what thing that happened this year that I should write about. And I honestly don't think there is ONE single experience from the past year that is movie-worthy. Not to say my life has been drama free or anything like that I just think it would make a better movie if it were more comprehensive. Perhaps a look at my life over the past year overall would be better. And I guess I would just have to call it "A Work in Progress". 

Let's skip the charades
You're seeing right through me anyway
Can we just speak plain?
We're playing for the same team
But I'm the one that's acting like I'm so strong
You're the one that's acting like nothing's wrong

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