Monday, May 30, 2011

hi, i suck at blogging...


Really though...I am sorry I haven't been updating this as regularly as you have all grown accustomed to. Although, that being said, I had 3 comments on my last entry because I wasn't updating as much so HA! I beat the system...or something...

Well let's do a quick life update from when we last spoke shall we? Okay here we go. Patrick came home from Greece! Yay! It was a joyous reunion. We spent a lot of time together and he gave me presents! But him being back was the best present of all. (end sappiness).

I also got a job! Finally! After a year of searching my lovely pal Rachel hooked me up with a receptionist job at a salon. She also works there too but sadly we won't ever work together because they only need one receptionist at a time. But it's all good! So most of my week was basically me training and trying to figure it all out. I sound like an idiot but it actually is kinda difficult at once and my anxiety kinda kicks in and I really don't wanna mess up anyone's schedules! But I'll get the hang of it I'm sure...

So that brings us to this weekend. I have been in sunny St George/Las Vegas since Thursday and it has been well...great and boring. Vegas was really fun because we got a lot of shopping done and ate delicious food and what not but St George has been super boring. I got some sun by the pool yesterday and I guess I missed a lot of spots with sunblock because I'm pretty burned. Seriously, it's embarrassing. Like my left foot is burned and a little patch before my hairline. I look like a fool. Umm...yeah other than that it's been super boring down here and I've just been missing my friends a lot. Especially because the last time I was in St George they were all with me and by comparison it has not been even close to the same!

Anyway, sorry this was kinda a boring life update blog. I'll try to be more artsy and thoughtful at some point but now is not the time. Love you all.


  1. hahahahahahahahahaha YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL. (pertaining to your sunburn).

    sorry. had to be said, with the quote, and the mention of st george and all :) love youuuu

    ps. we miss you toooooo

  2. haha that's exactly what I thought of too, Rachel!! ;) Ugh, we need another family vacation. I miss you all so much..