Friday, May 20, 2011

sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead

Oh man. I do love Adele. I feel like you guys should all know that by now, but I digress.

Um, this has been the longest week of my ENTIRE life. Seriously. I feel like it's been month in one week. I keep saying that I've been so bored but I actually have been doing a lot of things and seeing a lot of my favorite people. I just keep looking for distractions I suppose and there just aren't enough distractions to keep me from missing him. Luckily for me Patrick is finally coming home tomorrow night! I'm sooo excited. I probably won't be able to see him til Sunday though so it's basically like another full day so meh. In other news, apparently the world is ending on Saturday so if that happens I'll never see him again. So my anxiety is kicking in. Nah, not really. There's no way the world is ending on Saturday. Crazy people. Seriously who comes up with this crap? Anyway you should all go see Bridesmaids cuz I saw it last night with my best friend Max and it was sooo funny. Seriously Kristen Wiig is hiiiilarious. No joke. Sorry I'm not really saying anything super interesting right now but like I said I've been effing bored this whole week and I really miss my best friend. Facebook messaging him twice a day is NOT enough. I text this kid 24/7 when he's home and I'm with him everyday. This has been insane for me haha. Yeah I probably sound like a drug addict but I'm just young and in love. That's all it is. Oh in other other news, I'm obsessed with my new iPhone. Except I really don't know how to use it to it's full capacity haha, it's smarter than me nbd. It's also white so that's cool. Haha.

Love you alllll. Leave me a comment for once in your freakin lives. You never know, the world might be ending it might be your last chance! ;)


  1. haha that quote at the end is the most adorable thing ever...

  2. Sammy, he is now saying the world will end in October. So you have time.

    Umm, really?!?

  3. Sammy I read this and I miss you! Also, new phone!? So exciting!!