Sunday, November 10, 2013

fools like me, oh we love blindly.

I know that life isn't fair, and I never expected or demanded that it be. The only thing I do ask of life is that I try to have control of mine sometimes, and I often don't. And the fact that you get to sit there and smile at me with those big blue eyes as you twirl your mustache in your fingers, the same way you twist my emotions in that longing gaze is making me sick. You have been leading me on for weeks when I have been nothing but honest with you, and when you asked me about my intentions like you were trying to be honorable when in reality you just want to make me vulnerable and weak. But the best part about you not taking the time to get to know me is that you don't know that you can't break me down or get to me. I'm not the kind of girl that will fall apart or let you walk all over her and if that's what you were expecting, you're going to be disappointed. I'm ready to unleash hell upon you, don't fucking fuck with me anymore. And those commitment issues and well delivered lines about "not being anyone's first or last" don't fool me, you're terrified of feeling anything which is pretty unattractive in and of itself. You think you're such a strong man because you don't let feelings control you or dictate your life but you really are cutting off an entire part of your being that you could be experiencing.
You're not a fearless pirate, you're a fucking coward.

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