Sunday, December 9, 2012

i refuse to sink.

I mean, my arm still feels a little sore from all the shots but other than that I feel okay.
Minus the stress from school, packing for a trip more than halfway around the world, working retail during the holidays, and friends wanting to see me before said trip. There is so much to do and not enough time. And I've honestly never been that busy of a person. Mainly because I have anxiety disorder and if too many things start piling up I freak out. I freak out badly. And I have been freaking out and I don't like it :(
I need to finish my 8 page paper right now. I am currently starting page 4. And I'm totally out of ideas. PS it's due tomorrow. Yikes. I kind of don't care anymore though. I can't afford to care, I just need to finish. Life is crazy and go go go right now. It's bizarre and not really what I like. I find myself actually being more upset and depressed whereas I always thought staying busy helped. I guess you just have to have a happy medium and this is too much.
I saw Anna Karenina yesterday with one of my coworkers though. It was really great. Really sad, of course but great. The nutella crepes didn't hurt either.

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