Wednesday, December 5, 2012

we are parallel lines, we're running in circles, we're never meant to cross

Hi, I'm one of those annoying people that has finals this week and next. And it's all I talk about, and think about, and am putting off doing right now. I should be rewriting a paper actually. It's going okay and I can probably BS most of it in the morning so I thought I'd throw some lines down here real quick.
The hardest semester that I've struggled with the most will be over within a week. I can hardly believe it, I'm also 90% sure I am going to fail two of my classes but I have accepted it. By fail I generally mean I'll get a C which is technically not failing but not the grade I aspired for. I will also be leaving for Africa one week from tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly it snuck up on me. I don't feel ready for it at all. I will be stressing about school up until the very end. Like this could be me...
That would be so cool I hope that happens. I love giraffes. But anyway I don't know what else to say. I've been so consumed with worry about my future and grades lately. And people keep asking me when I'm going to graduate and I am pretty sure it'll be fall of 2013 but what do I want to do after that? I don't know...will I even be able to find a job? Should I even be in this major? Doubts have just been piling up and I don't know if I can do this or what I can even do. I just want to travel and see the world and write about it. That's it. So maybe that's what I'll do and take whatever job it takes to make that a reality. 

PS Dog Problems by The Format is so perfect.

And so I walk the web in search of love 
But always seem to end up stuck
I'm finding flaws in everyone.
I've reached the point where all I want
Is to sleep around in hopes that I will catch back up
We are parallel lines
We’re running in circles
We're never meant to cross

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