Friday, December 16, 2011

now all your love is wasted then who the hell was i?

DAY FIFTEEN - Popular Culture

What are some things/ideas/people/phrases/ words you hope will stay in 2011? What are some things/ideas/people/phrases/words you hope to hear more of in 2012? 

Ew number one person I want to stay in 2011 is Kim Kardashian and any Kardashian really. They're such a waste. That was the first person of popular culture I could think of to exile and I really think that's the main one. Ha I don't really have any other issues with anything that's popular. I totes love my abbrevs still ;)

I'm not really sure what I want to hear more of...there's nothing really that I'm super passionate about pertaining to pop culture. I'd say I wanna get rid of hipsters but let's be honest I listen to hipster music all the time and those are the people I end up dating haha so I guess I can't go there. Although I don't really want more of them either ha. I really don't know this is a hard question for me. Although the Occupy protesters weren't organized at all and pretty much are lame I like the idea that people our age are actually attempting to change things. That's pretty cool to me, so I'd like to see young people take a stand and be less apathetic. Wow now I sound like my parents...I'm done now ha.

So that explains it...

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