Monday, December 6, 2010

i am not gleeful :(

I'm taking a rain check on the whole "day 35: write a letter to an ex" We'll swap today's for day 41's "Whatever tickles your fancy"

Not feelin it today homies.

What I am feelin is the fact that my dream of auditioning for Glee has been

s h a t t e r e d

I found out that auditions for next season are being held in a reality show format. Which sucks. What also sucks is the only locations for auditions are Dallas and Chicago. Whaaaaaat? I mean big cities, fine. But no LA? LA is doable. I can road trip there pretty easily but Dallas and Chicago in the winter? Bleh. No thank youuuu.
Also, online applications are no longer accepted. So my dreams of playing alongside Harry Shum Jr are all ruined. Curse you.

That could've been me! Only you know, whiter and taller and blonder. Oh and less gangsta.



  1. do you know how to dance? hahah Ill train you and you and can try out for the next auditions. yo will kick trash.