Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day deux

Day 2: Make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

• Woke up super late.
• Rushed like mad to find clothes to wear, terrible make up job, threw my hair in a bun, and ran out the door.
• Drove like a crazy person to the U.
• Went to math class even though my instincts said eff this.
• Sat in math class, bored, and slightly confused because I couldn’t see the overhead because I got stuck in the reject seats as I was 20 minutes late. Ha.
• Went to my weather class.
• Sat in weather class, talking to Katie/Ke$ha girl about how stupid that class is…
• Chose between Noodles or McDonald’s for lunch by downloading a coin flip app on my phone.
• Noodles won.
• Called Noodles and placed my order of Indonesian Peanut Saute, no carrots or sprouts, while walking to my car.
• Drove to Noodles
• Picked up my Noodles and went home to eat it.
• Ate Noodles while watching an old episode of Bones.
• Read voting book.
• Went to my church to vote for my first time.
• Got stopped on my way out of voting to fill out a survey because I’m a voter that’s “college aged”.
• Drove home, hung out with my puppy Noodle (who was named after Noodles & Co) and watching Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta
• Rachel texts and tells me she’s coming over to study math.
• Studied math with Ray Cray, we did about half of the chapter 3 review for our test Thursday.
• Study break to go find my dog at my neighbor’s house.
• Continued studying til Alex came to pick Rach up.
• Ate some Froot Loops while watching another Bones.
• Watched the news
• Older sister Chelsea came home, we scrounged for dinner.
• Chelsea made potstickers, I made dirty rice.
• While rice was cooking, I played games on Psych’s website (we HAVE to beat BYU, this is not even an issue guys…go Utes!!)
• Ate some rice, Noodle jumped on me, scared me, spilled rice all over laptop.
• Angerrrrrrrr
• Finished eating rice and playing games, decided to blog a bit while procrastinating a paper that I need to write.

And here I am! For the rest of the night, I will be watching the election coverage, procrastinating, eventually doing my paper, probably eating some toast with homemade freezer jam, and watching whatever else comes on tv.

And that was my Tuesday! Also, happy birthday Mama!

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  1. not creepin' too bad or anything: BUT ARE YOU TAKING SEVERE AND UNUSUAL WEATHER?! Cause I totally took that last fall! And also, if you are, you might be taking it with one of my friends!