Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day threeeee.

Day Three: Your favorite movie

My favorite movie of all time is The Holiday. I think most of you know that. Seriously, it is just the greatest movie ever. I looove the writing, it's beautiful. The very opening quote of the entire movie is one of my favorite quotes ever. The music is outstanding, Hans Zimmer is such an amazing man. I love the actors and actresses...uh Jude Law, if you weren't a cheating hobag I would totally marry you. But yeah, really if you haven't seen this movie DO IT. I have no idea how many times I've seen it now. It is kinda a Christmas movie but I watch it year round.

Anyway! Sorry this is kinda short and haphazard. I have a math test tomorrow that I am cramming for and I am super tired. I had a great day though! I won free medium fries at McDonald's thanks to Monopoly and they have French Silk pie for Free Pie at Village Inn now! So excited! Also, got sushi with the sister and tried to help her ask to a dance but it failed. Haha so basically if I fail this test it is probably my own fault but oh well!

Love you all.

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