Saturday, November 27, 2010

i don't always pour beer on byu fans, but when i do i pour dos equis ;)

So I’m skipping my daily blog challenge entry for today because something a million times more amazing happened today.


And we probably shouldn’t have hahaha but whatever I will freaking take it. We played like crap…but if we play like crap and can still beat BYU then wtf is wrong with them? Hahaha anyway!

So basically I was down in St George and my tv sucks down there so I don’t get channels like the Mountain orrr CBS College so my father and I ventured to a sports bar. In this sports bar they nicely segregated us by who we were cheering for. It wasn’t totally obvious but they did ask us who we wanted when we walked in…although I think I looked pretty red and black but you know whatever haha. But anyway so basically the game kinda sucked for us poor U fans until the 4th quarter so after the 3rd quarter my dad got bored and was like “This is looking pretty bad…we should probably just leave” so we get in the car and try to find it on the radio. Of course the only station we can find is Cougar radio so we listen to this excruciatingly biased broadcast get home and come to find the rest of the fam listening to the same broadcast which seriously was so hilarious. They glossed over anything Utah did and went sooo over the top for anything those stupid kittens did. Seriously at the very end when we won they were like “kickwasblockedutahwins” like all in one breath and super mumbled it was AWESOME. Also jumping out of my chair and screaming and my mom glaring at me was fun.

It is not easy being from a blended BYU/Utah family trust me. Hahahaha.

Anyway I am just too happy and can’t even think about anything else right now.

Also some of my besties were on tv!

Hahahaha. Love you guys.

Also my friend Rhiannon was but she was like, on the news hahaha and I couldn’t find a video but I love my friends and their love of the Utes hahaha. Seriously so happy right now.

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