Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yay March

Five Great Things About March Thus Far (in no particular order):

1) The Return of Gossip Girl!
It has been on hiatus since early December but our favorite overly dramatic, gorgeous, privileged Upper East Siders are back! I am thrilled, finally Mondays can be worthwhile again. Actually, Greek has been on on Mondays for awhile which is an awesome show too but GG is just great. I'm thrilled. And in love with Chace Crawford.

2) Spring Break
I have Spring Break next week and I am thrilled. I get to escape the barely thawing out soggy spring time in Logan and escape to my second home in St George for a few days. Hopefully take in some much needed Vitamin D and overall feel a lot better about the world. Ha!

3) Easter candy
Okay, I think Easter candy has been on shelves since February 15th because it's the next major holiday but I'm still pumped about it. Easter candy is some of the best candy. I am obsessed with Reese's eggs. I don't know why the egg shape tastes so much better than the normal shape but it totally does. And of course, Cadbury eggs those are delicious too.

4) Daylight Savings
On March 14th we get to spring forward! Which means we get an extra hour of sunlight as the days are growing longer and we are getting closer and closer to summer. Joy! Also March 14th is my little nephew's birthday. What an awesome day.

5) Women's history month
March is women's history month, as a woman I find that pretty cool. Women are great. We are strong, graceful, beautiful, and powerful. We even had the first woman to win best director in the Academy Awards the other night. Might I suggest some estrogen fueled girls nights this month? I think that should definitely be in order. Girl power!

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