Monday, March 8, 2010

Sun Valley, Idaho!

This weekend, or I guess it's now last weekend, I had the pleasure of spending in Sun Valley, Idaho with my friend Lauren and roommate Jill.
Lauren is originally from Idaho and her family has a condo up in Sun Valley and she felt like having a little weekend away and invited Jill and I along.
I had never been there, but I really liked it! It kind of reminded me a bit of Park City and Jackson Hole. It was a lot of fun.
We walked around the town of Ketchum (which has no affiliation to Ash...darn I know), bought some frozen dinners, ate them, hot tubbed, made cookies, watched movies, took pictures at the lodge, went to lunch, bought caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, ate awesome pb&j, and got some shakes at a coffee shop called Tully's. All in all it was a fantastic escape from Logan for a couple days.

Me and Lauren at the Sun Valley lodge.

Me and Jill at the lodge. There were only three of us and no one really around to take our picture so we just posed in twos haha.

Tully's! Yum!


  1. dearest sammy.
    im sort of sad that my blog is on a different website, otherwise i would totally subscribe, especially because you stole my pictures haha.
    you're precious and i love your writing!

  2. Hey at least you were able to get pictures of each other. So many times I have gone someplace incredibly beautiful and thought wow I should have someone take a picture of... where the hell is everybody? And then I try and use my timer and end up with some crooked shot where I'm squinting at the camera to see if it took yet. My point is... nice pictures. =)