Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sunburns hurt.

Spring break has been amazing so far! I kicked it off early leaving Logan Thursday afternoon and made the trek back home with my bff Sarah Dawn Day. After that I hung out with my sister then we went to dinner at my lovely neighbor's home. Then I accompanied Georgia to Costco which was an adventure and a half as it always is.
Friday I spent kicking it at my house til Katy got home from school and then we had a sushi dinner followed by some Taco Bell because I was still hungry (I know I mix all kinds of food, don't judge me) thennn we went driving all over the valley which was way rad. I love my sister.
Saturday was the flower auction for Primary Children's at the Spring Home and Garden Festival so I was volunteering with that all day which was kinda fun but mostly boring. Luckily I got some pretty flowers out of it that I'll post when I feel like finding my camera cord.
Sunday was church as usual then my mom and I drove down to St George where we spent the evening eating In N Out burger and watching Dreamgirls on tv.
Daylight Savings messed up my sleeping schedule (which isn't stellar to begin with) which resulted in me sleeping until about 11:30 today but I'm on spring break so who cares right? So my mom and I hung around our house for a bit then decided to pig out on food and lay out by the pool for a couple hours. We were dumb and realized we had no sunblock but we'd only lay out for a bit so it wouldn't be too bad. We were wrong. I am super super sunburned but I only have myself to blame so I won't complain about it too much. I look like a fool though and I'm sure I'll feel even dumber when I have skin cancer in 20 years but it's okay I guess. The world is ending soon anyway right? Eh, eh? Haha, just kidding but yeah. After realizing I was a total lobster my mom and I went to dinner at Pancho and Lefty's which is a lovely Mexican restaurant that turned out to only be so so. Pancho and Lefty are also the names of my brother's old cats which is the main reason why I wanted to eat there over the other Mexican restaurants in town but we won't go into that. Next we hit up Old Navy and scored some shirts and stuff for only $5. Then we went to this random outlet store and got myself this adorable vest then decided to go to Wal Mart and stock up on junk food and sunblock for our next sun tanning venture tomorrow. After all that running around we settled in and ate some lava cake and watched our Monday night television. It's been fantastic. I love spring break. Sitting around and relaxing is great, and I love my family. Expect another update soon, hopefully with pictures.

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