Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Update!

Well my lovely 5 followers, last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Holi aka the Festival of Colors down in Spanish Fork. I've known about this event for over a year and I really wanted to go last year but had to work so I finally was able to go this year. Even though my sister who lives in Provo and prepared me for many things I should know about going to the Holi I still feel like I could've done things a bit better. Next year, if I don't do study abroad (which would really suck) I'm definitely gonna go earlier. That was my main flaw haha. I didn't get as colorful as I would've liked and all the chalk was sold out! Grr. Oh well it was still super fun, and I'm definitely making it a tradition!
Here's some pictures that I didn't put on the fb.

In other news I chopped my hair off! Ahhh I know. It's now in a trendy A-line cut. I really loved it at first but now I'm realizing that it's harder to do now that it's short. I know, what a strange concept but really. Straightening your hair when the back is a lot shorter than the front is confusing. Maybe it's my inner blonde, I don't know but it's quite a challenge! So I haven't totally fallen in love with it yet but I'm guessing it'll get better in time. Here's a picture of that too.

BAM! That's all.

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