Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring break part deux and everything else.

Okay, I'm a terrible person for not updating this sooner buuuut it was spring break! I can't be expected to uphold my obligations from my normal life! Ha! That was my best attempt at an excuse. Maybe I should be a lawyer ;)

Anyway, the rest of spring break was pretty low key. I hung out with my family a lot, watched some movies, ate a TON (which was probably the best part...jk) and shopped. It was fantastic. I love being home so so so much. And I'm thrilled to be going to the U next year. With that being said though I don't regret this year I've spent at Utah State which I'll probably blog about at a later date, maybe at the end of the year when it's all over. I'll probably do a life lessons type thing. It'll be swell.

Other than that I'm back at school, back in the routine which is fine because at least now it's getting warmer and stays lighter longer so Logan is actually semi bearable. But you know, it still mostly sucks. Haha, just kidding but really. I'm just counting down the weeks til I'm home for good! Woohoo.

Anyway I promised I'd upload pictures but I think all my followers are my facebook friends but just so this blog looks legit here's some pictures from break.

Flower auction flowers.

Me and Katy being dumb/awesome

St George!

PS do you like my layout? Made it myself, still not totally thrilled with it, but it'll do for now. Love you all.

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