Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello my lovely readers!
It's been awhile, sorry. I had a fantastic amazing weekend! It's the first weekend in a looong time I've actually stayed in Logan. Like really, I can't remember the last time I did that. And surprisingly it was actually fun! Woohoo, alas. (I'm still majorly excited to move home though, don't worry)
On Friday, Utah State had this "end of year" bash type thing...even though we still have 3 weeks left of school but whatever! Basically it was like a huge carnival type thing so my roommate Jill and Keith and I went. I had cotton candy and it was freakin awesome. Then I met Jill's sister and we got some of the world famous Aggie ice cream. I can't count how many times I've eaten that this year. Pretty sure it is one of the major things Utah State has going for it. They give it away at every event. No joke. Anyway. After some Aggie ice cream (I can't wait til I'm not an Aggie so I can stop saying that ugly word) we parted ways with Jill's sister Jen and came back to our dorm.
We sat around then we met up with Jill's friend Alexis who organized this pie fight that was taking place on Saturday. So we were then hanging up fliers and writing on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk advertising when this crazy old woman popped out of nowhere and started yelling at us asking if we "knew the chalking policy" needless to say, we knew of no such policy and were barked at to scrub it off the cement this instant. How dare we draw with chalk! After that we chatted with Keith's roommate Nathan and decided to take a nap before having dinner. After naptime Jill went a little crazy which was extremely entertaining for me. I think it was all the cotton candy and ice cream...but really it was funny. I am still giggling about it inside.
After dinner we went back to Keith's apartment and played some High School Musical sing-along game which was hilarious and played Band Hero. Then we had the brilliant idea of going to Angie's to "clean the sink" which is a very popular thing to do in Logan. Here are pictures of the event:


The group :)


So we gathered a group of people together...there were 7 of us. Which actually made it super easy and we all only paid like $2 hahaha. It was pretty awesome. I'm definitely doing it again with my sister. We can devour that thing. After cleaning the sink and putting the lovely "I cleaned the sink at Angie's" sticker on my car we played more Band Hero. Woohoo!
After playing some Band Hero we started discussing urban legends and ghosts and Jill remembered there was one about the cemetery that we live right next to. Yeah, it's scary and makes me not want to walk outside at night...ha. But back to the story we looked it up online and apparently there is a grave that cries after midnight. Like you can physically feel the tears on the stone. So we decided to look for it. We walked to the cemetery and were walking around in it when we realized it would be a lot smarter to locate the grave during the day and then return at night. So that is the official plan, I'll update you when that happens.
-end of Friday-

Saturdayy I slept in...then Jill and Chelsea and I went on an adventure to McDonald's to get Happy Meals and How To Train Your Dragon toys. They are super awesome. Mine lights up. We were stoked. Then we went to Walmart to buy pie supplies for the pie fight. After that, I hung out with my neighbor Keith and watched some tv for awhile and ordered pizza and free cinnastix. They were delicious. Finally we had the pie fight! About 30 people-ish showed up all with different kinds of pies. Some of them were legit. Ours were whipped cream on paper plates. I don't know about you, but I'm not wasting precious pie. Anyway here's some pictures from that. It was a blast.

There's me, Keith, and Jill before.

The whole group after

Keith, me, and Jill after


After showering the pie off Keith, Jill, and I watched the movie The Greatest, which was excellent by the way. I recommend it. And then we pretty much just hung out.
All in all it was an awesome weekend. It was extremely epic and I'm tired after reliving it again ha. So hopefully I update soon.

[thanks Jill for some of the pictures]

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