Friday, March 5, 2010

and lately the weather has been so bipolar...

...and consequently so have I.

Well not too much is up in good ol' Logantown. The weather (like my title suggests) has been absolutely crazy. This morning it was nice and sunny I even left my dorm without a coat for once! And then by the afternoon it was rainy and then snowing. I am not okay with that...but anyway.
Went home last weekend and had some fun adventures with Katy. We were driving around because we didn't want to be home on a Friday night so we ended up in Holladay and Sugarhouse and just taking random pictures with things we found funny.

(That picture is for you Sarah, drinking tea all British like in London. Sooo jealous!)

I have like, 50 more pictures of it on my facebook page, but yeah! Pretty much school is a little bit more stressful right now because of lovely midterms. They are evil. In fact I really should be studying for my math test tomorrow buuuuut here I am :) so I'll keep it short.

I guess I'm headed up to Sun Valley, Idaho tomorrow with my friend Lauren and roommate Jill so that should be a fun adventure that I will update you all on when I get back! Or along the way, who knows! Haha anyway I think that's all for now.

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