Sunday, March 4, 2012

let's skip the charades.

I feel like I should write something here but I don't know what. It's been a pretty boring Sunday night and I am done with all my homework that I need to get done immediately so here I am. My iPhone has a broken lock button so I might have to get it replaced tomorrow so I've been backing up stuff and in my notes I have some blog ideas/writing that has popped into my head when I haven't been able to write it down. Here's one of those quotes:

I was never a girl that sat on the sidelines of love. I jumped right in, guns ablaze. I won't say it hasn't hurt me or broken my heart sometimes seemingly beyond repair but at least I know what love is. And that is; something worth fighting for.

I am not sure when I wrote that now. Within the past few months I guess but it's still completely true. And I hope that everyone who reads my blog knows that too. Love is always worth the pain you go through to get it. I have never regretted falling for anyone or the memories I have shared with them. So don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Tell someone how you feel. Make the first move. Do something. You never know if maybe they're hoping you will.

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