Sunday, January 2, 2011

first post of 2011

This is also incidentally my 101st blog post on this website. Crazyyy. Especially because most of them are really stupid ha.

Anyway, I could do the whole cliché thing of posting my new years resolutions but I highly doubt any of you care. Also, let’s be honest. It’s January 2nd, do you have any idea how many resolutions have already been broken? Probably a lot, I don’t know the exact number either haha.

I really do have some goals for myself though and I feel like I should put them in writing so I adhere to them a little bit. No one will comment on this anyway so here are the goals for 2011 and just life in general and beyond this year.

1. Exercise more. And by more I mean at all. I am thinking 3x a week. Trying to keep this realistic. Ha.

2. Be less emotionally charged. I am a sensitive (yet very strong and stubborn) person. I have a side of me that can get ugly if I am frustrated, upset, or overwhelmed and I know everyone does but I seem to be lashing out at people more and more and I really need to stop. I feel terrible and childish afterwards so I am really working on this now.

3. Get a job. I am trying so hard but it really has to happen now.

4. Find time to write and read more. Seriously, I am an English major failure.

I’d like to act like number 5 of my goals would be to successfully stop thinking about him. But I know that won’t happen. And in any case, I will begin seeing him on a regular basis so that will be interesting. Maybe we’ll finally get things right. I feel like there has to be a reason why we’re still so upset about things.

Enough about me, here is my wish for all of you this year.


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