Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Day Nine: List some of your phobias

Ha! In case you didn't know, I have anxiety disorder so it's safe to say I have many phobias. It's kinda embarrassing but here's the biggest ones in no particular order (also, you're all gonna know what a basket case I am after this entry):

1) Spiders - pretty run of the mill phobia but I am severely afraid of them. Like even pictures of huge ones on tv gives me nightmares. Even saying the T word freaks me out. Omgggg.

2) Being electrocuted/burned - K this is probably a fear of everyone's but it's a phobia of mine because I used to be afraid of plugging things in...haha I'm not kidding things used to spark all the time so I'd make my sister plug in stuff for me. Luckily I'm getting better haha.

3) Public speaking - seriously, I avoid it at all costs.

4) Things falling on top of me: This one is kinda weird, and pretty irrational but yeah. Telephone wires, stop lights, uh spiders hahaha, the light in my shower, anything that can seem like it could fall. I dunno, like I said I'm a freak.

5) Needles: Seriously, I can't watch doctor shows even

6) Blood/Bones sticking out: See above basically

7) Death: I think this is pretty standard, I'm trying to embrace it more

Mmmm...I swear there's more but that is all I can think of at the moment. Oh uh how about someone breaking into my house and killing me? I'm home alone and keep hearing creepy noises hahaha freaking me outttttt.

Also, it's my puppy Noodle's birthday.

Isn't he just the cutest? Sadly, he got his hair cut yesterday and parts of his fur was too matted so they had to totally shave him! He looks like a different dog, and seems embarrassed about it, but he's still a sweetheart. Happy birthday Nood!

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