Tuesday, November 16, 2010

favorite post ever? yes…

Day 16: Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes

Oh celebrity crushes. How will I manage to just pick five?! Hahaha this will seriously limit me. I may have to throw in some honorable mentions.

1) Chace Crawford

I think I’ve been in love with Chace Crawford since the moment I saw him on the pilot episode of Gossip Girl. While many of my friends are obsessed with Penn Badgley or Ed Westwick, I’ve always been a Chace girl.

2) Shannon Kook-Chun

K, this is probably just my Asian obsession and I know no one knows who he is other than people who still watch Degrassi but he is so. effing. hot. I can’t even communicate it to you haha. Sadly, he’s rarely even on Degrassi. I pretty much only watch the theme song so I can see him and I occasionally forget what I’m talking about when he appears on screen. Shut up Ed haha. Also, finding a decent picture of him was pretty hard BUT he is gorgeous I promise. I probably should’ve written my letter yesterday to him cuz I think I’d die if I met him.

3) Jude Law

Do I even need to explain this one? There is nothing about this man that isn’t sexy. Except when he cheated on his wife but he has a beautiful accent so that almost makes up for it haha jk.

4) Harry Shum Jr.

He has to have a shirtless and a normal picture hahahaha.

This is my other Asian obsession. Uhhhh seriously this guy is gorgeous. He makes my heart sing for Glee hahaha see what I did there? No but really, I keep feeling like Glee is going downhill and then I see this guy and I don’t complain anymore. And he’s like the best dancer ever. I think I would also die if I met him. Loooove him.

5) James Roday

Duh. Shawn Spencer. That is all.

Honorable Mention:

Shaun White

Ryan Gosling

Leonardo DiCaprio


Enrique Winking smile

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