Thursday, May 27, 2010

California Dreamin'

Last weekend I made my annual trek out to California for my grandpa and dad's birthdays. My grandpa turned 91 on the 21st and my dad turned 65 on the 24th so we had a big party for both of them. [I know my dad is old, this isn't news to me hahaha]
Anyway, because we have only had our 6 month old puppy Noodle we brought him to California with us! Here he is chillin at my dad's birthday party on Gary's couch...I don't think Gary was too happy about it but he's just so cute.

And here's a pic of my cute Grandpa and Grandma Smith. They started dating when my Grandma was 14! How's that for a lifelong love?

Also my orientation for the U was today. It was super long and boring but I am in the process of registering now so let me know what classes you're in and I'll see if I can get classes with some people. Also I am now officially an English major! Sayonara psychology. Actually it was kind of sad, I truly do enjoy psych I just am so much more passionate about English. By the way the novel is still creepin along. Ugh. Anyway that's all for now, I'm so tired.

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