Thursday, April 15, 2010

Utah's taste of the worldwide earthquake epidemic...

Dear world,
I felt an earthquake today. I was sitting on my bed answering texts for the kgb UK branch which is always very interesting because I read them in an English (or Irish depending on where they're from) accent and get to pretend I'm finding a route on the tube or whatever they're asking me. Back to the earthquake though, I'm sitting there on my laptop and my bed starts shaking. I realize I'm not moving any more than usual so obviously it's an outside source. My closet doors are rattling as is my door so I'm kind of like uhm...earthquake?! My neighbor Keith was like "No I think someone next door must be jumping around or something." (I'm in college, that can't be that strange hahaha). I'm not totally convinced though so we look outside and everyone looks calm so we ignore it. Then I get on facebook and people are freaking out about an earthquake so I assumed it actually was one. Then I got really nervous that it could trigger the big one down in Salt Lake and all my besties and family would be screwed and I got really nervous and no one up here understood and I was sad :( Luckily my sister assured me she didn't feel it and everyone was fine so it was all good.
Upon further research I found out that it was a pretty shallow earthquake so there really shouldn't be any noticeable aftershocks so it should be all good in this neighborhood.
Just thought I'd share my personal experience with our recent earthquake.

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