Monday, September 5, 2011

we were all in love, and we all got hurt.

I guess I should say something here again ha. So it's Labor Day which means summer is officially over. I am spending my Labor Day being extremely ill with the flu that just won't quit! Woo. I guess that's a sign of fall eh? Also the fact that I am looking up Halloween costumes though I have no idea what my plans will be that night yet. Another happy fall-related thing is Pumpkin Spice Lattes come back tomorrow! So excited!!

But anyway maybe I'll have a deep moment for a second here.

It always amazes me after a break up how weird it is that certain small things are the same. I think I blogged about this last time too. But it's still weird to me. Like knowing things about that person even though they're pretty much a stranger. Like my ex boyfriend is allergic to bees or can only have the volume on an even number or a number ending in 5. There's tons of those little things in my mind that I know about him and that I'm sure haven't changed since we've been apart even though everything else has. I'm sure he knows things about me too but it's just weird for me to think about.

I start therapy again on Wednesday. It'll be interesting. I'm pretty nervous but kind of excited. Which is weird I guess ha. I don't know.

I'm watching this show about how pop culture saved America. It's all about 9/11 and it's so interesting. It's making me really sad, I'm basically crying. I'm so grateful for this country that we live in even though I feel like leaving it more often than not I'm always so happy to come home.

This got really random really fast ha. I guess I'll just end it here.

Happy Labor Day.

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