Tuesday, May 3, 2011

may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows...

It's funny how a song can bring you back to a moment so quickly. One minute you can be driving home on a warmish night and a song comes on and you're instantly transported back to another time, which is what happened to me tonight. I was driving home and looking over the Salt Lake valley and I heard this song come on and a smile spread across my face as last summer all came back to me. Driving on the freeway at one in the morning blasting this song. Laughing at our inside jokes...breaking into Chelsea's house when she was on vacation. It all seemed so surreal and I realized how much of my life I will never experience again. Memories that are just that, memories. It wasn't really a sad realization either. It was just that a realization. We're not the people we were last summer. This song is the same but we're very different now and holding your hand driving through the canyon to our special spot will never happen again and I am perfectly okay with that. You went your way and I went mine and it seems so strange that two people who used to be so intertwined and so convinced they could last forever could now be strangers and act as if we hadn't been those people we were last summer. It kind of scares me a little bit. The way things are now could be completely different in a year and I expect them to be. It makes me wonder who will be a stranger next year and who will still be beside me and if I could do anything to stop them from leaving or if they'll be gone because they chose to or had to be. It's all very strange when you actually think about it. And all the people you have yet to meet or had no idea you'd ever be hanging out with in the future. It's all very weird and life seems crazy sometimes but I guess that's the only thing in life you can count on...change.

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  1. It totally is a scary thought, I agree... like... we may not even be friends in a year... which is not my plan at all, it's just things can change that fast! I did not think I would be the person I am a year ago. But I don't think that's a bad thing either. Like you said, the one thing we can count on in life is change so we need to be prepared and react and learn and grow from that. I agree, though, it's still a little scary to think about ;)