Wednesday, January 5, 2011

that boy is a monster…


I’ve spent a lot of time wasting time today. Mostly cleaning up my playlists on iTunes and my iPod and what not. It’s been weird looking at the “last played” column. Thinking back to those times when I last listened to a certain song. I can almost put myself back into that moment somehow. And it’s crazy. I feel like I should warn the girl listening to the song of impending danger or changes that would happen. Or tell her to remember the way things are in that moment and appreciate them.

I guess I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on things lately. I was tagged in our high school panoramic picture on Facebook tonight. I had completely forgotten it existed. It made me sad thinking that we won’t ever all be together in that big of a group again. Not everyone will attend reunions. So many people have changed already. I immediately looked for him in the picture too. He looked so stoic and different which is weird. I wonder what the boy in the picture would think if he saw the current man he’s trying to be. And I think of the fact that we graduated together and had a class together and had no idea how perfect we were for each other. I guess it makes me scared and excited for the future. It makes me want to appreciate this moment I’m in now because I’ll miss it someday.


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