Monday, December 20, 2010

I did it!

Day 50: List of what always makes you happy

Ahhhhhhh I thought this day would never come but it is finally day fifty.


Things that always make me happy

  1. Good friends
  2. Going to the airport
  3. Laughing
  4. Getting letters
  5. Memories
  6. Star gazing
  7. Singing in the car
  8. Hugs
  9. Dance parties with Katy
  10. Ice cream
  11. The rain and leaving the windows open when it’s raining
  12. Laying in the grass on a summer night
  13. Journals
  14. Coffee
  15. Road trips
  16. Chocolate
  17. Fries in a frosty
  18. Pie and cake
  19. Christmas
  20. Familiar smells
  21. Understanding math
  22. Sleeping in
  23. Massages
  24. Watching the ocean
  25. Finding money I didn’t know I had
  26. When people find me funny
  27. Ice cold coke when you’re really thirsty
  28. Pull through parking spots
  29. Sushi
  30. Catching up with old friends and realizing nothing has changed
  31. People watching
  32. Baby animals
  33. Disney movies
  34. Finishing your last exam
  35. Anything that’s free
  36. City lights at night
  37. Love
  38. Look out spots
  39. The feeling of freedom
  40. Realizing that you’re kind of beautiful sometimes ha
  41. The moment before you kiss someone for the first time
  42. Coming home
  43. Watching the sunrise after staying up all night talking to someone you love
  44. London
  45. Flirting
  46. S’mores
  47. New clothes
  48. Daffodils poking through the snow in springtime
  49. Dressing up
  50. New (and old) book smell

I think I’ll stick with 50. Ahhhh so glad to be done with this haha love you all. And I’m giving myself a new layout to celebrate woo.

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  1. ummm fries in frosty? is it the same with the new fries. I am terrified to find out. I dont need my heart broken again.