Saturday, November 13, 2010


Day Twelve: We want to see your teeth today/post a self portrait

Uh, I didn't really know how to take this one. I think they're trying to be cute by making you smile all big in a portrait by yourself buuuuut they could also be literal. Ha, I decided to take the former approach instead of putting up some random picture of my mouth.
This picture isn't actually recent but it's the last picture I took with my best friend Scott before he left for his mission in August so here it is. Also, it's kinda blurry and I look bad but I four-fourths don't care :)

In other news, I registered for next semester today.
Math 1010 (finally, don't judge ha), French 1020, English 2600 & 3600. Wooo.
English 2600 is supposed to be online too so that'll be an adventure.
Ha, this is all going by so fast. Life...such a crazy thing.


  1. can we be french buddies?! hahha i should probably actually start studying for that class but everything we learned with carla is coming back to me and I sit there and am like "I already know this!" it is awesome I hope the same thing happens for you.

  2. This picture is adorable. Just sayin...