Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall favorites

Ahhh it is finally fall! Although the weather in Salt Lake isn't exactly cooperating with the changing seasons I could not be more excited for fall.
It is actually probably my favorite season. And October is definitely my favorite month! So here's a list of my favorite things about them.

1) Leaves!
The leaves are sooo pretty. I do not take credit for that picture but I will definitely be taking some pictures when the colors get more vibrant. I love the cooler weather!

2) Sweaterrrrs
I. Want. This. Sweater. So. Bad. But it is 150 dollars soo basically out of my price range. But I love sweaters! They are so cozy and soft and they just make me happy! I can't wait to be able to wear them all the time.

3) All my tv shows are back!
You guys have no idea how much tv I watch. It's actually really really embarrassing. I know what day of the week it is by what shows are on that night. It's so sad but really. I love it, it's such an escape for me haha.

4)Pumpkin-flavored everything!
I really like pumpkins. They are cute little squashes and such a pretty shade of orange. But I love the way they taste! And it seems like everyone else does too. Everyone has pumpkin flavored something. Cupcakes, yogurt, lattes, bagels, pie, cream cheese, cookies, cheesecake, you name it.

5) And of course, Halloween
I love everything about Halloween. I love dressing up, candy, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, exploring haunted things, apple cider, everything. Seriously it's just wonderful.

And also for an added bonus...

6)October is pie month at Marie Callender's hahaha
And yes, it is October 1st and I've already gotten two pies and they were both delicious.


  1. Oh my heck Sammy this is the best blog post EVER. I love everything you love...and I forgot it was pie month! :)
    Also, get the sweater. TOO adorable!

  2. dear sammy, wait a month or two and the sweater will be on sale. it always happens.

  3. I would click on your adds, but they're all in Arabic at our house. ..OK I'll click anyways. I love your blog!!!!!!!! -JSH