Monday, June 28, 2010

I fail at writing on here.

But this is what you should know about my June life ha.

- Telethon was a major success. This is my mom's like 8th year doing it or something? I don't know. But they raised $2.6 mil for Primary Children's which was a miracle in and of itself.
- Scottie the Hottie/Scotty dog got his mission call which I blogged about.
- Went to Hilton Head with part of the fam. Which I also blogged about.
- I haven't been watching the World Cup as religiously as I watched the Olympics but lets be honest...Canada isn't in the World Cup so therefore it isn't as cool hahaha totally kidding. But my other favorite country England, epic failed which was sad.
- I've been hanging out with Chelsea, Ed, and Truong. Especially Truong. We are becoming best friends. Sushi date was a major highlight probably. So funny.
- My brother and his family are here from Egypt. They just got here on Friday night so I've been hanging out with them a little bit which has been wonderful.
- Pie Wednesday...nuff said.
- Still searching for a job...I kinda stopped for awhile because I knew my trip was coming up but I guess I need to start looking again. Kinda sucks.
- Trying to write things that I'm proud of again...I've been lacking inspiration though meh.

I think that's basically it. I can't believe June is almost over. This is weird.

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